Sunday, September 26, 2010

Waterfalling | Fillmore Glen State Park

I visited Fillmore Glen State Park for the first time on Saturday. It was an overcast and chilly day. I arrived at the park and then quickly left and ran to a store in the nearby town to pick up a sweater since I was considerably under-dressed when I left the house. It kinda helps me to not be shivering when trying to take photos!

Once my immediate comfort needs were met, and the shivering had stopped, I began the walk into the glen... and silently realized I had forgotten all my neutral density filters and rings at home... that put a damper on my mindset for the day. I don't do water without ND filters. But, I was forced to do just that. And I'm not happy with the outcome. I'm not sure how people shoot waterfalls without ND filters... I obviously can't do it. I walked the glen and took photos as I went, knowing that I wasn't happy with what I was getting... but you, lucky blog readers, get them anyway! 

So, as for Fillmore Glen State Park.  It's not the most photography friendly state park that I've been to. You don't have a great view of some of the little "mini-falls" that happen throughout the gorge, it's mostly a flat moseying stream at this point in the year with little umph to it. Where there is something interesting, you either can't get down to the stream bed to capture it or trees and bushes are blocking your view. I'll take my beloved Ithaca state parks in it's place any day. Fillmore may hold more interest in the Spring when the water is flowing freely, but I would be hard pressed to return to this spot even then.  Take that as it is... an unbiased impression from a first time visitor with a camera... 

On to the other photos for this post. I'll put up the rest in a future post!


Carl October 8, 2010 at 7:16:00 PM EDT  

Still strong work even if you found it a challenge and were pushe out of your zone. I do have a few ND filters... but almost never need them as it is almost pitch dark when I shoot waterfalls. I found the flat pre-dawn light best for flowing water and have more control over the end result you can always add contrast and saturation. The otherway around can be a lot harder to deal with in photoshop and I am all about shooting and not so much about editing.

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