Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leave it Mother Nature to remind you who's boss...

Leave it Mother Nature to remind you who's boss...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because I have an overwhelming feeling of "giving" you get a bonus...

It is at the edge of a petal that love waits...

When you are cold, surrender and die to the heat of the heart

When you are cold, surrender and die to the heat of the heart

A birthday remembered

April twenty-seventh. Today would have been my father's eighty-third birthday. He's been gone for twelve years. How the years slip by so quickly.

As I myself get older, I realize how much like him I turned out to be.   He was quiet and reserved for the most part. A man of few words. You never knew what was going on in his head until he was ready to tell you. I'd be hard pressed to remember many times when I saw him really angry, although I'm sure I managed to push him to his limits many times! But when he was mad, you knew it. He was intimidating, yet at the same time he was so very kind and soft-hearted.

I have his eyes. I inherited his back pain along with his heart issues. I share his love of silence. He made me a car lover (and to this day I remind my mother that she was the road block that caused me not to get that '69 Chevelle as my first car, although my dad was pushing for it... but I digress.)

The photographs I have of him spark so many memories. After all, that's what we have left when someone is no longer with us... memories. I treasure the family photographs that I have. I've begun to scan them and do a little restoration work on them as I go. So many of them are blurry, but they are getting scanned along with the rest. We can over look that type of thing when they are old and tied to a memory. We should take care of these little pieces of our histories.

Happy birthday, Dad.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays...

Rainy days and Mondays...
Always get me down...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Come in out of the rain

Come in out of the rain

... and that's what I finally did after getting pretty wet today. Besides the constant rain that was coming down, I was blessed enough to be under some trees when they decided they'd had enough and dropped their extra water... on me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 in Review...

Since I'm reviving this blog well into my 365 project, I'm pulling some of my favorites from the project so far... It will be a surprise even to me to see what they end up being! No worries... there won't be photo over-kill too often!

365::3 - Home
365::7 - Once you're in... you're in.
Enjoy your stay
365::8 - Whisper my name...
365::9 - Just hanging out
365::15 - Spring
365::19 - Rainy Day
365::28 - Some days just suck the life out of you...
365::31 - You have to want it
365::37 - ... someone asked them to be quiet,
so it's just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose ...
365::40 - Throw your heart over the fence
and the rest will follow...
365::44 - The meeting of the minds...
365::46 - You can tell a true cowboy
by the type of horse that he rides...
365::50 - Whispers of passion...

Friday, April 23, 2010

The resurrection

So here we are... well into spring in the Northeast. Flowering trees are starting to show their colors, and leaves are starting to make their long awaited appearance. Pollen is falling, noses are running, and eyes are itching. Birds are building nests. Water is once again flowing freely over the waterfalls. The die hard sun worshipers are sunning themselves on blankets in the park every day the temperature goes above sixty degrees.

… And I’m resurrecting a blog that has been dormant for over two years.

I had been searching for some inspiration over the long New York winter, and thinking about where I want this photography thing to go. I’ve tried my hand at some new subjects, and have found that I enjoyed the time spent doing it, even though I still have a long way to go to actually be good at them. 

I started a 365 project. A photo a day for 365 days. Today is day number 51. They aren’t masterpieces. Some are shots taken with my Blackberry out of desperation. But this project is forcing me to go look for something to photograph every day. A personal challenge to say the least.

This, in some odd way, has lead to me resurrecting this blog. Well, those things and the people that keep asking me where it was and why I wasn’t posting to it. It took a while, but I’m finally caving in. It comes complete with a new look and new content. I don't want to say I'll post here every day... I don't want to sabotage myself before I even begin!

I follow blogs of some wonderfully creative people. I hope that by sharing some of their posts, I, myself, may find inspiration, and in turn, maybe one or two of you will, too.

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