Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sights and Sounds : The Peabody | Memphis, Tennessee

So, let me continue on with my Tennessee journey from September. The last you saw I was just leaving Nashville after spending a couple hours at the Grand Ole Opry. In this episode (and several to follow) we are centering our thoughts and visions on Memphis. Memphis was, well... interesting. Did I always feel safe when walking the streets there? No. Did my camera come out very much? No. Was I happy with having to show ID and be scanned with a metal detector to get onto the most famous street there? Sure... because in front of me, and behind me, were hundreds of other people that were being checked before being allowed to get onto that party street. That was just a tiny little bit of comfort.

I stayed at the Peabody Hotel. And it was a beautiful place. If you don't know it, or haven't been there, check it out. The story of the Peabody Ducks will probably be one of the top stories that you come across.  When I first read about them I thought, hey, that will something to see happen. I mean, yeah, it's a duck, and I've seen plenty of ducks, but how often do you see ducks walking through the lobby of a hotel of this grandeur? Not often would be my guess! So, the ducks come in and the ducks go out at set times throughout the day. I managed to walk in the door about an hour before one of the departures, and the place was MOBBED! Who would have thought? Do they not have ducks in Memphis?

And of course, being the person that I am, and wanting to see what the big deal was about these ducks, I got myself into the middle of it all... wiggled my way up to the red rope, and there I sat. For an hour. In a virtual mosh pit of duck enthusiasts, as it would seem. I listened to the Duck Master explain the history of the ducks (yes there is a duck master...) and I waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally it was time for the great duck retreat for the day. The Duck Master calls them. They hop out of the fountain and they waddle up the red carpet... cameras and flashes going off the whole way... and they get into the elevator and up they go. To their rooftop home. I guess it's something I needed to do because I was there. Would I push my butt into that mosh pit again? Nope!


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