Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moose River Plains

Moose River Plains Infrared
Adirondack Park, New York

This is my favorite infrared from the Adirondack trip over July 4th weekend. It's one of my favorite stops in this recreation area. The water was a bit higher than I've seen in the past, but the wind wasn't blowing too badly at the moment I took this, unlike some of the other photos that were taken in this area that I shared yesterday. I'm not crazy about the way pine trees come out when done in infrared, but this was one that I could definitely live with.

Stretching more than 16 miles between the two entrance gates, as the crow flies, these state lands comprise the largest block of remote public land in the Adirondacks readily accessible by motor vehicle.

The core of this area consists of 50,000 acres purchased from the Gould Paper Company in December 1963. Past logging activity and road development have had a great influence on both the natural resources of the area and use by the general public. The terrain varies from the flatness of the herb and grass plains of the Moose and Red Rivers to the gentle and often steep pitches of the adjoining forested ridges and mountains. Drainage is generally westerly or southwesterly with most ponds and streams eventually emptying into the south branch of the Moose River. Paddling along the Moose River ranges from turbo whitewater to slow meanders through isolated wilderness.


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